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Are you ready to make serious money online? In this package you will get information on how to write your first ebook, how to market and sell it. And you will also learn how to increase your sales!

Your eBook Daily Marketing Plan, Self Publishing at the Speed of Thought, Computer Goldmine, eBook Submitter, My 3 Most Guarded Secrets To Writing Information Products that Sell!, How to Create a Great eBook Even if You Dont Know a Font from a Folio, eBook Marketing "Now and Forever", How To Start Your Own Internet Bookshop (For Under $100!), Create Your Own Info Product, Post-A-Book, How to Write, Create, Promote and Sell and eBook on the Web, The Launch of the eBook. 

57 Free eBook Articles, Ebooks: A Complete Guide to Self Publishing, Ebook-O-Matic, 5 Ways to Create PDF eBooks and Reports Without Adobe, 7 Ways to Double or Triple Your eBook Downloads, How to Start with Internet Marketing, 55 eBook Marketing Opportunities, eBook Authors Interviewed, eBook Bonanza, A Simple Guide to Creating Your Own eBooks, Create PDF eBooks Instantly, Creating eBooks, eBook Wiz, eCover Secrets Revealed, eBook Profits, How to Publish Your eBook Easily & Cheaply, The InfoProduct Masters Course, Successful Information Publishing,

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Easily create drop down menus! Unbelievable and super easy to use software makes creating drop down menus a breeze! Create drop down menus that perfectly match your website!

Unbelievable and SUPER easy to use software makes creating a drop down menus a BREEZE!  You'll be able to choose:

Fonts, Font Colors, Background Colors, Font Styles, Font Weights.Create Drop Down Menus that PERFECTLY match your website!

                                 $31.00 Value Yours Free

                               "New Software Instantly Formats Your Ezine AND Filters Out  The Words That The Spam Filters Are Looking For!"

 Make Sure That Your Newsletters Look Good,
AND Get Through The Spam Filters Directly To Your Readers.

Problem #1 -  No longer will you have to hit and miss guessing which words are allowed... just copy your newsletter into the software, and those words that will trigger those spam words will be gone forever.

Problem #2 - Unprofessional Looking Newsletters:  Ezine Filter and Format Software also sets correct per line character length and gets it ready to send to your subscribers. Your ezine will look great and get the attention it deserves.

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Secret Software Tool Let's Any Average Joe Gain an Unfair Advantage Over Competition! Start using it in the next 5 minutes and you will be undeniably HOOKED FOR LIFE!

Unless, you have been in hibernation or maybe not in the know, you should have heard about "link popularity and should be vary aware of what it means to YOU!

You can now check your website's link popularity right from
your very own desktop, with the new Link Check Generator!

Improves Your Search Engine Rankings, Secretly Spies On Your Competition!, Increases your website traffic, Meta-Tags Are Almost Dead, Tracks Your Linking Progress, Stores All Your Information, Pulls Information from 5 of the Top Search Engines

                           $31.00 Value Yours Free

                          Easy-To-Use Software Attracts Customers, Creates Cash Flow & Generates Traffic!"

MagicSubscriber reduces the amount of time and money you need to get more customers and sales. It automatically captures your visitors' email addresses WITHOUT them having to fill out a form!

This makes it 10x's easier for you to generate targeted traffic and sales. It only takes 2 to 5 minutes to implement -- and the payoff is HUGE

You can use MagicSubscriber™ on unlimited websites. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can consistently,     predictably generate a steady stream of targeted traffic and leads.

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The Mega Wealth Pak Audio Library is a power packed album of 10 audio cassette tapes produced by Shel Swartz a nationally acclaimed veteran business writer and columnist, telling more than 300,000 people each month how to make money by mail, as well as a mail order consultant and trainer

The following titles are approximately 40 minutes in length:

Order-Producing Copywriting, Stay Home & Get Rich in Mail Order, Rent Order-Pulling Mailing Lists, Secrets to Mail Order Profits, Successful Info-Marketing, Buy Almost Anything Below-Wholesale, Make $1,000/Week as a Successful IMSA, How to Make Money on the Internet, Secrets to Audio Publishing, How To Sell Your Products On The Radio For Free !!

He produced and directed nationally-syndicated shows such as The Pete Rose Show, The Joe Culligan Show, Craig Crossman's Computer America, and The Mike Walker Show. You couldn't personally find a more qualified mentor to provide you with the insider secrets and money making strategies you need to make it to the top!  

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"How To Earn Thousands Monthly With
Your Own *Exclusive* Free Reports"
Discover the same techniques used by the "gurus" to promote ------>
Your favorite affiliate program, your existing products, your reprint rights and virtually anything you want!

  • A fool-proof system for getting people to (a) request and access  your free report, (b) read and learn from your report, and (c) purchase the awaiting offers in your report!  Everything is explained in easy-to-understand language that both beginners and veterans can follow.

The winning formula that NEVER FAILS.  In fact, I can guarantee you will earn incredible profits if you follow this simple formula for creating free reports.  HINT:  It's a classic A + B = C formula that generated those 20,000 downloads and $100,000 in profits from the report I mentioned earlier.

                         $21.00 Value Yours Free 

With the Ultimate Ad Tracker package you will be able to run your own professional tracking system designed to give you precise statistics on your links! Track your ads, downloads, affiliate links and more!

The Ultimate Ad Tracking Tool is a 

Must for every online Marketer!


Lets you know what is effective in your advertising!


Track hits by using different URL's for each ad campaign, Track Anywhere


Track hits and unique hits by month, day, even down to the hour!

Shows ratio of unique hits to total hits. Graphically formatted to give you a

 complete view of every stat detail of your links.

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Building Your Automatic Money Machine
Discover how you can earn piles of cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - even while you sleep! Every internet marketing expert knows that automation is the key to success. Isn't it time that you learned exactly how to automate your entire business?


"The One Thing that Separates Internet Winners from Internet Losers is Automation!"

"Building YOUR Automatic Money Machine!" is the most complete Step-by-step guide to making money in your sleep available.

You're about to learn the exactly how to create your very own Automatic Money Machine. You'll be given complete step-by-step instructions, showing you exactly what to do from start to finish, so that you can earn piles of cash while you sleep.

    $23.00 Value Yours Free

                                       Discover how to get thousands of other people selling your product and never spend a penny on advertising again. Regardless of what you are marketing on the internet, the Free Advertising System is the only tool you need to generate real success online.

No more wasting time on posting to FFA pages and classified ad sites.

No more being accused of SPAM after sending an email to a "Safe" list.

No more worrying about your search engine position that changes every day.

No more spending money on a bottomless pit of "blasters," "opt-in lists," and "promotion software."

    $31.00 Value Yours Free

                                              Even if you haven't ever heard the word blog before, this toolkit makes it completely possible for you to not only create one easily, but to even earn money from it without the need to sell anything at all!


20 Pre-Built Blog Templates in Easy-To-Use HTML format complete with PSD files for easy modification to fit your needs in a variety of styles and colors all with MASTER RESALE RIGHTS ready to use immediately with Blogger™ but easy to adjust for use with any blogging software.

Easy-To-Follow Instruction Guides that take you through all the "Ins" and "Outs" of blogging, How To Begin Profiting From Your Blog, and Beyond.

A Full Resource List of where to blog, tutorials on blogging, more in depth information about blogs, and More.

Extensive Collection of Blogging Creation Tools and Blog Enhancement Scripts

    $49.00 Value Yours Free

Brian Garvin's MLM Secrets
"How to make (at least) $30,000 in residual income every single month with online network marketing!"


How to double (even triple) your income from any MLM company, without doing a minute's more work! Don't worry, it's perfectly legal...

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                                       How You Can Own And Make Easy Money From A Superb Quality Collection Of Time Saving And Newbie-Friendly Webmasters Tools!"

The Gold Collection is a range of easy to use tools, designed to save you time and effort, help increase your profits and help you avoid problems with your web site.


Brand New For 2005 - Instant Membership Site Software

Brand New For 2005 - Thank You Page Maker

Child's Play FTP - Quick And Easy Fully Automated FTP!

  Affiliate Diamond - Increase Your Affiliate Commissions Automatically!

Download Page Protector - Stop Thieves Stealing Your Products

Spambot Guardian - Stop Spammers Grabbing Your Email Address

Weblink Checker - Avoid Broken Links Costing You Visitors And Sales

Easy Resell Plus - The Quick And Easy Way To Customize Ebook Mini Sites

Affiliate Customizer - Help Your Affiliates Sell More Of Your Products

Form Protector - Protect Your Forms From Hacking Attacks

Frame Buster - Stop Other Webmasters Misusing Your Content

Mini Site Customizer - Get More People Using Your Ready Made Mini Sites

This quality collection is the result of over $20,000 worth of professional software development.

    $97.00 Value Yours Free

"New Resource Reveals The Amazing
Secrets Behind The Net's Most Successful Email Campaigns"

The power of email marketing is truly the "killer app" of the Internet. If you dropped him anywhere in the world with just a dial-up connection, he will guarantee that within 24 hours he could generate an immediate cash surge for you.

Do You Know What It Takes To Write a Winning Email?

Don't Spend Another Minute Struggling to Come Up With Your
Own Powerful Emails Without This Resource At Your Side

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You Don’t Want To Miss The Secrets That Were Revealed In This Behind Closed Doors
No Holds barred Exclusive!

Three Super successful Internet Marketing experts reveal their closely guarded winning "Trade Secrets" Others have paid up to $3,000 to hear them speak, but now for the first time you'll get the complete, uncensored, no holds barred minute by minute transcripts of everything that went on behind closed doors. 

The Hardcored And Uncensored, Top Secret, Most Intense. Brainstorming Session Of Arguably the most Elite And Ultra Successful Internet Marketers.

                                       $49.00 Value Yours Free              

Simple to use software instantly lets you start to personally name brand yourself worldwide... Syndication Puts Your Marketing On
Autopilot In Just Seconds...

  You will start to see your name in lights all over the web.  YOUR content and YOUR name. Syndicates Your Salesletter In Seconds - If you're selling a product with resell rights, you can literally syndicate the salesletter making it easier on your customers.  When ever you update the salesletter...it will automatically update worldwide with in seconds and with no effort!

Adds More Subscribers To Your List, Provides Total And Complete Control, Doubles Or Even Triples Your Article Exposure             

Builds Search Engine Link Popularity - The more you use the 'Name Branding Syndicator' the more YOUR websites URL will be in other webmasters HTML code thus building your total link popularity and helping you to get a high search engine ranking.

                         $27.00 Value Yours Free

"Who Else Wants To Make Five-Figure Cash Profits Every Single Month Selling Info-Products Online?"

In this exclusive, 78 minute, no-holds-barred marketing interview, Alex reveals...

  • How you can duplicate his proven online marketing system that brings in sales of at least $1,000 a day! Mostly on auto-pilot.

How to boost your web site's sales by following up on your visitors every single day until they buy -- without spamming! (discover Alex's secret technique that hardly anyone is using)

How to easily bring in a flood of sales using simple postcards -- this is Alex's specialty ... and he tells you exactly how his orders come in thick and fast straight after he sends out dirt-cheap postcards. (And he tells the story of how one postcard campaign was so successful ... even the mailman replied to it!)

Do you suffer from poor email click-through rates? Alex reveals his simple technique that boosted email response for a client by 328% within 9 days! Apply it to your own business, and leave your competitors in the dust!  And More..       

                                           $29.00 Value Yours Free               

"Finally, You Can Promote Any Affiliate Program Online... Build An Enormous Opt-In Mailing List... And  Stop Giving Away The Leads You Worked So Hard To Generate"

This Explosive  Marketing System will Increase your ability to follow up with your affiliate web site visitors by 100%!

ATTENTION: If you are promoting an affiliate URL without using Pay Per Text Marketing you are losing your hard earned leads to the affiliate program... this may be the most exciting report you'll have the chance to read this year!

Affiliate Programs are one of the "hottest" methods of making money on the Internet and they continue to grow in popularity every day. They give you the ability to take your share of the profits in some of the fastest selling products and services on the Internet.

Pay Per Text is a not a membership or a large e-Book that will take you days to read, understand and implement. Pay Per Text is an easy to follow step by step report on creating affiliate links with maximum profit potential.        

                             $31.00 Value Yours Free

                              Simple To Use Software Makes Creating Popups So Easy, A Child Can Do It! If You Ever Wanted To Use The Power of PopUps, This Software Is For You!

With Popup Generator, you can literally create a popup window how you want it, in less than 2 1/2 minutes.

Choose whether you want a Front Popup or an InBack Popup, Customize the size of your popup Windows, Specify where your popup appears on your users screen, Choose what functions you want in your popup, Decide if you want the popup to be Full Screen, Select How you Want the Window to popup, When Page Loads, Standard Link, Form Button, When page Unloads

                                     $49.00 Value Yours Free          

What the companies that create eBook covers for profit hate you to have!

It is a proven fact that a well designed eBook Cover can increase your eBook sales by as much as up to 300% then with a poorly designed eBook Cover or even worse no cover at all. 

You don't have to be good at graphics to design your own eBook Covers. The tutorial and templates will help you every step of the way. And if for some reason you still have any problems don't forget you get 100% free life time support by email to help you creat your own eBook covers if you need it. You would save a lot of money with each eBook cover you design for your eBooks.

If you are serious about selling eBooks online this is the Software for you!  Some websites are charging as much as $99 per eBook Cover they design. Why keep paying someone to create your eBook covers for you when you can create professional eBook graphics like these yourself in just a matter of minutes?!                 

                              $33.00 Value Yours Free          

                                 You are about to discover how to turn your Ebook into a powerful, non stop, money- making machine, by reading and using the tips and advice from some of the bestselling ebook marketers and authors on the internet today!

Have you ever been thinking about creating and selling your 
own Ebook on line? Great! Selling Ebooks on the Internet is one of the best and easiest ways to create an extra income.

However, it is not always clear which tools to use, or how to sell or distribute an Ebook to get a lot of exposure -read sales...Well, this is where "Ebook Authors Interviewed" comes in. 

"Ebook Authors Interviewed" contains over 40 interviews with some of the best Ebook Authors and Publishers on the Internet.

    $19.00 Value Yours Free

                               "Discover How Alex Mandossian Makes
5-Figure Cash Profits Every Month From A Web Site That Runs On Auto-Pilot ...
And How You Can Too!"

An Exclusive 80 Minute Interview With Top US. Marketing
Consultant Alex Mandossian -- Who Takes Home 5-Figure
Cash Profits Every Month From Just One Info-Product!

Alex Mandossian is considered one of the top ten freelance direct marketers in America today and owns one of the largest marketing libraries ever assembled ... with over 1,800 rare books and volumes dating back to the 1800's

During the past 12 years, Alex has helped his clients generate over $183 million in sales from TV spots, infomercials, QVC and Home Shopping Network, national retail catalogs, space ads in Parade Magazine and USA Weekend, direct mail, Web marketing, and of course, postcards.

    $24.00 Value Yours Free

Vend-O-Matic is the absolutely foolproof way to create stunning, ready-to-run 'web vending pages' for any product. Quickly create stunning web sales pages with order forms for your products. No coding involved!

No coding involved! Just click 'create' and Vend-O-Matic creates your Sales page, your Thank You page, even your instant product delivery system.

                              $21.00 Value Yours Free

Stop putting up with the hassles of learning web design. This set of over 35 fantastic tools and tutorials will help you learn how to create profitable web sites instantly with ease!


    $21.00 Value Yours Free



Discover 9 different internet business models you can copy and profit from. By choosing the correct business model you can have peace of mind in pursuing your goal.

Are you wasting time jumping from one Internet business opportunity to another?

Are you confused about which Internet business model is the best for you?

It's like a buffet, you choose what you like. In other words, take your pick.

Get the scoop on the basic requirements of each business model, and prepare yourself for it.

 There are interviews with successful business owners operating the various Internet business models. You will learn first hand how they are making money using their respective business model.


    $29.00 Value Yours Free

Get 20 quick selling programs you can sell and keep all the profits from. It's so easy, it's like printing money - you have to see this software package to believe it!

All programs come with resell rights, so you can sell or use them any way you like:



Contact Form Wizard - A great tool that sets up a php file for creating quick and easy contact forms with maximum function.

Email Protector -   

File Splitter - A great tool for splitting files to fit onto disks or use in emails. Can't send a file through email without your account timing out? Split it with File Splitter and send it in chunks.   

Form Builder - Quickly build a form that allows visitors to submit information to you.

IE ToolBox - This program quickly and easily cleans the history, typed urls, cookies, temporary internet files and even has some misc options to speed up your web browsing experience.   

Image Viewer - Easy to use image viewer, one that doesn't change all you image file settings

Instant Download Form - Quickly create download forms on your website, where users can come along, enter there name and email address and have an email sent to them containing there download link - you also get an email with this persons email address. A fantastic tool for building up your mailing list!   

Java Source Machine.exe - Java Source Machine, the best javascript tool!  

Meta Code Generator - Meta Code Generator makes it easy to MetaTags into your pages for your website. Easy to use. Fill in the blanks, then generate the perfect code to copy and paste into your site! Or use the insert tab and insert the code into Multiple pages! When using insert function you must add %meta% to the html where you want the code to insert at.   

Multi Search File Finder   

Multiple Find and Replace - Simple and easy to use Find and Replace tool. Use to change text or html on multipy files.   

Note Organizer -   

Screen Capture -

Traffic Wizard - Traffic Wizard is packed with 10 scripts which are easy to use to increase website traffic.

To Do List Manager - Add tasks and remove tasks, tasks can contain notes, set a date when it's due along with priority, sits in the system tray out of the way, print all the tasks out, auto saves and loads the list when you open close program, add an unlimited amount of tasks and edit any task that has been setup.

                                       $99.00 Value Yours Free

Finally, a step-by-step system to help you get top rankings on the search

engines. Discover how to get top listings on all the major search engines, quickly and easily.


If you have a website, or are planning on getting one, you'll quickly figure out that search engines will either be a good friend or your worst enemy!

If you can get your site listed well (meaning your site comes up on the first page or so for popular keywords) you can expect to get a lot of visitors to your site.

What's more important is that they will be targeted, and highly motivated to read what you have to offer!

                                       $44.00 Value Yours Free

Discover all the latest java techniques and add them to your web pages in a flash, easily and effortlessly. Simple to understand fool proof instructions make it the perfect solution for screaming fast results.

Now you can add cutting-edge design wizardry to your web pages for less than the price of a large pizza without deciphering programmers 'techie' instructions, wasting time searching for scripts, or taking a three month $1,000 web design course...

Discover all the latest techniques without confusion

ADD them to your web pages in a flash, effortlessly

Makes web design so much fun you'll be glued to your computer uncovering the possibilities

Turnkey examples kick out perfect web pages in minutes

Simple to understand fool proof instructions make it the perfect expert solution for screaming fast results

    $51.00 Value Yours Free

"How To Design, Build, And Deliver A Highly Profitable Ezine With My Simple, Step by Step Guide  — And Immediately Begin Building A Massive List of Targeted Potential Customers, Fast!"


Have you ever wondered how those huge ezine publishers got so many subscribers? Wish there was an Easy way to learn how to create a profitable ezine and build a huge subscriber base REAL fast? If you have a computer and an Internet connection — even if you're completely clueless to ezine publishing! — in less than 1 day I'll show you...

    $14.00 Value Yours Free

The perpetual traffic generator can automatically send 800 or more visitors to your website in an hour without you lifting a finger, guaranteed!

Stop Clicking!

 Find Out Why You Are Reading This Message...

"Give Him 5 Minutes And He’ll Show You How To Get Visitors As Easily As Turning A Water Faucet."

An Open Letter To Every Net Marketer Frustrated By Trying To Increase Their Traffic, Grow Their Business, Put More Money In Their Pocket… And Going Nowhere!

    $67.00 Value Yours Free

                             Learn how to launch your own fleet of ebooks that pull in the profits for you! In this one-of-a-kind manual you will learn the secrets that the gurus use everyday to generate thousands of dollars in profits

How you can launch your own free profit pulling eBooks that  explode your profits like a fireworks display.

    $21.00 Value Yours Free

                               Auction-O-Matic is the only auction template software you will ever need! Automatically create auction ads that really hit potential bidders between the eyes without any programming required!

Auction-O-Matic produces great results but also saves you time preparing your advert for submission. Because of the simple way everything is laid out, it only takes you a couple of minutes from start to finish.

The end result is a stunning interactive auction advert - even if you're a complete beginner. Nearly everything is done automatically for you, in fact all you need to do is 'fill-in-the-blanks' as instructed.

    $49.00 Value Yours Free

Scroll Pops Generator
Scroll Pops is designed to produce results by properly, strategically and effectively placing a specific action within your web page that can not be ignored in order to get a desired response from your visitor.

INCREDIBLE! New 2005 Opt-in Solutions to Automate Advertising that is Simply Unmatched and Can't Be Ignored. Finally Generate Your Pop-Up Style Windows When and Where You want them to Appear.

Scroll Pops Automatically Activates when your visitor scrolls to a specific location on your website, whether it's at the beginning, the end, or ANY where in between.

"Scroll Pops are more intelligent, more persuasive"
and better at grabbing attention then traditional popup style windows

 Scroll Pops launches whenever your visitor scrolls past any specified location on your web page(s) whenever and whereever you want them to appear." 

    $39.00 Value Yours Free

                                    Use these webpage templates to create professional looking websites in a matter of minutes!

Ready-Made Niche Websites...

What you are getting is 12 great looking Niche Webpage templates...WITH FULL RESELL RIGHTS...

Why would you want to pay a lot for a website or spend a lot of time when you can use these webpage templates to create professional looking websites for only pennies! 

Ready-Made Niche Websites allows you to have your website up and running in a matter of minutes! They're perfect for Clickbank affiliate sales or for creating high traffic sites for use with Google Adsense.

    $19.00 Value Yours Free

                                 Turn Your Autoresponder Into A Cashcow
Discover how to sell your products like hot cakes, transform your leads into paying customers, build your downline at warp speed, and rake in mobs of new subscribers for your newsletter!

"Finding an autoresponder is easy. Writing profit-generating messages is not... until now!"

"This package includes 52 professionally written sales messages to sell YOUR product, service or business opportunity. Simple, easy, hassle free!"

"Your marketing runs on autopilot as your autoresponder messages create a funnel of prospects who buy what you tell them to."

Earning an income online doesn't have to be a hassle. Plug in the right components and your online business can run on autopilot. You get more free time and have the money to enjoy it.

    $29.00 Value Yours Free

With Just Five Minutes
and The Forum List...
You Can Reach Out to Thousands of People
Who Want to Hear
What You Have to Say!


In a nutshell, it contains over two-dozen categories of active forums. With The Forum List, you can quickly read through the alphabetical index listing of forums. Then simply use the search function of your reader to jump to the category.

Warning: You've reached this point with what technical skills you already have and you may not be prepared for all the people who are inviting you to join them!

Individual forum listings come complete with information about the forum posting sections, whether or not a paid subscription is required (most are free), the number of active subscriber or users listed at the time of publication (most continue to grow at a fast pace, so even more people are out there waiting to communicate with you). And each forum listing has an active link to take you directly to the forum in a click.

    $45.00 Value Yours Free

                              How He Sell's Thousands of Products Using the Web. If you'd like to sell products like crazy from home using your computer, without spending your life's savings, this report may be the single most important one you'll ever read!


Because he has sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of products and services using his computer, an Internet connection, his brain and common software.

                      $21.00 Value Yours Free

With the Click Magnet software you will be able to place unobtrusive ads on you website with ease. And your Click Magnet ad stays with your visitor as they scroll down the page, keeping your offer there at all times.

It's A Dilemma....You want to draw attention to your offer, but you know that most visitors find pop-ups annoying and some will even leave your site if you have a pop-up on your page.

If you use pop-unders most people will close them without even looking at your offer. So what do you do? Leave the pop-ups on your site and continue to drive some of your customers away . . . or remove the pop-ups and hope for the best? What you need is a better solution! And now it's here . . .

    $47.00 Value Yours Free